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Automatic Leg Transfer System

Automatic Leg Transfer System

Foodmate takes the next step in automating the chicken leg deboning process.

A new standard was already set by the introduction of the ULTiMATE and the OPTiX. Loading an ULTiMATE or an OPTiX is generally done by 2-4 workers, this part of the process can now be completely automated with the Automatic Leg Transfer System (ALTS).
The ALTS is capable of unloading chicken legs from any type of Cut-up line and transfers the legs automatically to the deboning machine, loaded in the correct orientation in the right shackle. The ALTS is available in two variations; 6000-7200 LPH & 12000-14400 LPH to cope with the capacities of both the ULTiMATE and the OPTiX. Needless to say, the machine can handle left and right legs or both. Leg selection can be done by utilizing the weighing and grading software ChickSort 3.0.

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