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ChickSort 3.0

ChickSort 3.0

ChickSort 3.0 has been designed from the ground up to support Foodmate Cut-up equipment. With an intuitive graphics based user interface ChickSort 3.0 is ideal for controlling complex whole bird distribution and Cut-up requirements. In fact, to make ChickSort 3.0 one of the most advanced control system available, we have simplified many of the features. Worldwide, prolonged use of ChickSort 2 led us to the not surprising decision that less is more! Although many of the features in ChickSort 3.0 are state of the art, they are simple to use and image based. With in-built safeguards to make sure process instructions are logical, ChickSort 3.0 is easy to understand and use system.

See ChickSort 3.0 page for more details. CHICKSORT MOBILE COMMAND CENTRE ChickSort MCC gives the user untethered access to a range of essential settings and controls. Load cell calibration, weight signal graphing, sensor graphing and unloader timing can all be performed on your mobile device of choice. The ChickSort MCC app can be run on any mobile device, Android Tablet, mobile phone, iPad etc. Line control at your fingertips, real time, on line and on the factory floor.

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