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Foodmate Optix Switch

Intelligent Thigh and optional Drumstick Deboning

Foodmate brings you another intelligent deboning solution!

The most succesful Thigh Deboner with X-Ray technology now offers the ability to debone drumsticks as well!

The Intelligent Thigh Deboner with option to debone drumsticks

The new OPTiX Switch Thigh & Drum Deboner is designed to process whole anatomic legs into two separate products: deboned thighs and optionally deboned drumsticks (the user can “Switch”between the options). Skin removal is also optional.  The machine offers integration with the Flex Cut-up System and accommodates a wide variation of bird sizes. The machine adjusts in real time for each leg on the line. Available for sale this summer.

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Drumstick Unloading
The drumstick with superb skin coverage is unloaded from the shackle. 

Thigh/Drumstick Separation

After the thigh meat is scraped from the bone, the thigh bone is separated from the drumstick.

Thigh Meat Harvester
The meat harvesting station cuts the thigh meat just underneath the thigh bone to ensure the least possible meat remains on the bone.

Thigh Meat Scraping
The thigh meat is efficiently and carefully scraped
from the bone to ensure maximum yield.

The Skinning Unit removes the skin from the thigh. The unit can be bypassed for skin on thigh meat.

Pre-Cut Station
The Pre-Cut Station cuts with surgical precision the skin and meat for a superb skin coverage of the drumstick and optimal yield of the thigh meat.

X-Ray technology for detecting the kneecap and measuring the thigh length, ensures the highest possible yield.

Hanging Area
The OPTiX, with a capacity of 14.400 legs per hour, can be loaded by three operators. The special design of the shackle ensures easy loading. The system is capable for processing both left and right legs.

Foodmate OPTiX Thigh Deboner

How OPTiX SWITCH gets it done!

X-Ray Technology + Cut-up Line Integration

The OPTiX Switch brings a combination of durable mechanics and cutting-edge technology in automation, ensuring the highest possible yields and meat quality. Click on the play button below to see OPTiX Switch in action!

Quality, Speed and Excellence

The Intelligent Leg Deboner

The OPTiX SWITCH offers the flexibility to manually load whole legs, as a stand-alone, or it has the ability to be integrated with a Foodmate OPTI Flow Cut-up System. The machine can operate at high speeds  and offers different line configurations and bird size accommodation. The machine produces a very high amount of cartilage-free meat with minimal bone content. This results in minimal trimming and maximum kilo’s per man/hour.


Final Product

Technical Specifications

OPTiX Thigh Deboner
Frame and Motor Stainless steel
Motor 3 kW
Length 11910 mm
Width 2182 mm
Height 2333 mm
Weight Approx. 8000 kg
Air supply Dry compressed air, min. 6 Bar
Air Consumption 50 l/min ( 13.2 gal/min)
Air Connection 8mm tubing (1/4”)
Low Pressure Water Connection 1” (10 Nozzles)
Low Pressure Water Supply ± 3 bar (42.6 PSI)
Low Pressure Water Consumption Average 1.2 GPM
High Pressure Water Connection 1” (10 Nozzles)
High Pressure Water Supply Max: 100 bar
High Pressure Water Consumption 16 m3/hr
Power Supply 3 X 380-480V, 50/60Hz
3 X 35 AMPS
Power Consumption 16 kW
Ethernet Supply Foodmate eWon (Please note that an active internet connection is required for online support)
Precision and efficiency at its best

The guessing game is over!

Another intelligent deboning solution

The new OPTiX SWITCH uses an X-Ray measuring system to precisely measure each leg, using this data the machine automatically adjusts for each leg in real-time at a speed of 7200 legs per hour.

Foodmate informs that during the last 12 months, during the implementation of activities related to the commissioning of machines generating ionizing radiation, dose limits for employees and members of the general population were not exceeded.
Due to the abovementioned, it is concluded that the exposure activities carried out by the organizational unit had no negative impact on human health and the environment.

Foodmate also informs that the conducted activity related to exposure does not release radioactive substances into the environment.


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