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Allen Harim, USA

With the increasingly difficult labor challenge, deboning automation with MAX6000 Breast Deboner seemed the logical option for Allen Harim.

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One (1) MAX6000 Breast Deboner


Allen Harim’s plant in Millsboro had two lines at 105 birds per line each, and needed to debone 210 birds/ min, therefore the decision was made to move from cone lines to auto-deboning. With the increasingly difficult labor challenge, deboning automation seemed the logical option for this client.


Due to the summer season and their proximity to the Atlantic beaches, Allen Harim experiences massive labor shortages from May through September, resulting in up to 40% absenteeism daily. The company’s objective was break the cycle by going to as much automation as possible. Breast deboning in particular, was one of the areas they had a major focus on. Their goal was to debone 200 footballs per min which would allow them to shut down 6 cone lines and remove approx. 50 people from the process. Foodmate was committed to seeing their goal was met.


Foodmate invited Allen Harim’s management to tour several plants that were successfully operating the MAX6000. In addition, our technical team received AH’s management to our Inspirience Center, our in-house demonstration and testing facility, in Ball Ground, GA, where performance tests took place. Results were very good, meat quality was excellent and tender quality was the best they had seen to date. It became apparent that MAX6000 would resolve their biggest challenge and meet their expectation.


In order to ensure MAX6000 was the right fit for Allen Harim, Foodmate agreed to conduct an in-plant testing at their Millsboro facility. Testing lasted two weeks and was done in approx. 100 bird batches. Yield data was collected and measured – breast, tender, frames and bone were measured – and our number exceeded their cone line numbers. Foodmate achieved 100bpm, bone content was manageable and tender quality was 97% A grade. Allen Harim’s labor dropped by half in comparison with their cone lines. The writing was on the wall, MAX6000 was the answer, and the machine never left the plant!

When asked how production at the plant has changed and if they would recommend the MAX6000 and Foodmate, Tracy Allen, Director of Operations stated the company is very satisfied with the machine’s performance as well as with Foodmate as a company. “The installation process was very smooth, the Foodmate team worked with our maintenance team to schedule the install and ensure utility requirements were in place. Technicians stayed on site to train our maintenance staff on preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. Since the machine has been running, we have been able to reduce costs significantly due to staffing reductions and overtime reduction. Breast meat quality is good and tender quality is fantastic. As Foodmate had stated it would happen, we are better than 97% A-grade tenders coming off the equipment. Foodmate’s products have met or exceeded my expectations for the lines I have used. They are low maintenance, deliver consistent yields, and high uptime percentage, and these are the main drivers in our industry, as we all know. Foodmate machines have consistently delivered in each of these area.”, added Mr. Allen.

The MAX6000 offers exceptional flexibility with final product options such as butterfly fillets, half fillets, and tenders in/out.

MAX6000 allows the user to operate two different pre-set programs, such as half fillets or butterflies. This gives you the ability to control production on the fly and saves valuable set up time.

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