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IMEX Poland

IMEX Poland has been operating in the Polish poultry industry since 1992, and we worked with them to develope and upgrade their equipment.

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One (1) ULTiMATE Whole Leg Deboner
IMEX Poland sp. z o.o. has been operating in the Polish poultry industry since 1992. The company is continuously developing and upgrading its equipment. In 2008, Imex built a new poultry plant in Brzesko, where chickens are processed. The plant operates in a three-shift system. The organization of work and implemented technological solutions allowed to obtain an ecological processing plant certificate and HALAL ritual slaughter certificates.

“With the ongoing and dynamic changes in the poultry processing market, it essential to invest in new technologies and equipment. Also, the current volatile and unreliable labor market forced us to invest in whole leg deboning automation. After a detailed analysis of the poultry market and its equipment industry, we decided to purchase the Foodmate ULTiMATE Whole Leg Deboner. We were the first company in Poland to buy the machine in January 2018. After 1.5 years of using the Foodmate ULTiMATE Whole Leg Deboner, we can say that it met our expectations, both in terms of quality and quantity of the final product. The purchase of the ULTiMATE also allowed us to reduce labor in production”, stated Witold Chmielarz, Director of Plant Production.

When asked how ULTiMATE performs in their daily production, Chmielarz added: “The machine works well and is basically error-free. As in any equipment, it requires supervision and maintenance, which we perform often. Our team was trained by Foodmate technicians and feel they are very well prepared. If any issue occurs (and these turn out to be minor issues), we are able to solve them ourselves.”

The ULTIMATE is allowing Hain to run twice the volume they were on their previous whole leg deboner, and using half of previously required labor. Hain PP met their production goals within two weeks from install. In addition, the company reduced the amount of whole legs sent out by over 75%.

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The combination of X-Ray technology and shackle height adjustment allows the blades to cut precisely around the kneecap and the knee joint, ensuring high yield and cartilage-free meat.

The meat is efficiently scraped from the bone to ensure maximum yield and high quality leg meat; keeping labor to a minimum.
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