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Pilgrim’s® is a worldwide leader in quality fresh, fully-cooked, ready-to-cook and individually frozen chicken products enjoyed by millions of customers around the globe.

“At Pilgrim’s, we strive to be the best managed and most respected company in the industry. We believe in the relentless pursuit of operational excellence, partnering with customers to provide innovative solutions that help their business succeed. In Pilgrim’s, you have a partner you can trust.”

The scope of this project was to upgrade every Foodmate OPTI Thigh Deboner with a Kneecap Remover (KCR) within the Pilgrims organization. Before installation of the KCR’s, each plant was visited to minimize or eradicate any potential issues during the install. Once the teams were comfortable with backend planning, it was decided to installation of the KCR units take place over the weekend, minimizing downtime.

“With the installation of the KCR we have been able to reduce the number of trimmers and the amount of trim generated, thus increasing yield. The KCR is a great addition to a new OPTI Thigh Deboner or to an existing machine in the field. The investment is quickly justified for a quick ROI.”

Chris Knight, Director of Engineering Services
Pilgrim’s Corporate

By upgrading every machine Pilgrim’s expected to reduce the number of trimmers and to improve yields. Also, by reducing the number of manual trimmers they also wanted to reduce the amount workman comp claims caused by ergonomically related issues.

“The project with Foodmate was very succesful, the best project I’ve been on in a long time. We’ve been able to provide one of our key customers the quality they expect.”, says Do Burrows, VP of CaseReady Operations, Pilgrim’s, Sanford, NC, USA.

“The communication at multi-levels with Foodmate has been very interactive. We have had no issues during installations; 18 KCR upgrades have been installed successfully”, added Chris.


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