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Project installation:

The available time for installation for this project was very short. The customer had to run production until the very last minute. And due to the very tight workspace it was not possible to do any kind of pre-installation work onsite. This only left 72 hours to dismantle the existing equipment and construct, install and test the new system. With a well planned time schedule and a very experienced team of dedicated technicians, Foodmate completed the project within the available time, working 24 hours per day.
The start up went very well and all of the 115,000 birds scheduled for that day were able too be processed and shipped to customers!

For this project Foodmate incorporated it’s latest developments and line of equipment. All of Foodmate’s latest developments are designed to meet the high-speed requirements of the customer, meet the latest hygiene standards and assure the best possible cutting, sizing and grading results.

Some of the key components for high speed processing are:

New weighing/transfer system
The all new Foodmate WTS is designed to efficiently transfer birds between the air chill and distribution lines and to accurately weigh and grade the birds at the same time. The machine has a simple but smart design and is very easy to operate and maintain.

New cut-up frames
Foodmate saw this project as the perfect opportunity to also incorporate our newly designed cut-up frames. The new frames are designed to meet the latest hygiene requirements by having an open design so that no dirt can drop on to the support frames underneath. Further more the cut up frames are electrically controlled making them easy to adjust and bypass.

Product and waste handling system
All portioned products are transported to 3 different final packing stations:

Breast caps
Breast caps are conveyed inline directly to the belt grading and batching systems. All breast caps from the 3 lines are following the same route on multi tier conveying belts towards the multi tier grader/batcher.

Leg quarters
Leg quaters from all 3 lines the legs are presented to the packers inline. Either box or crate packing is possible on the same line and once packed all boxes and crates are weighed and labelled and are transported towards a central storage area by the same conveyor.

Wing products and thighs
Wing products and thighs are handled via our innovative WPG system.


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