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Grading, Production Control & Distribution Systems

Poultry grading
for the 21st century.

The strength of Foodmate and ChickSort Grading, Production Control and Distribution solutions.

Grading, Production Control
and Distribution Solutions

The strength of Foodmate & ChickSort

Foodmate is introducing a whole new generation of ChickSort Production Control, Grading and Distribution Solutions. ChickSort 4.0 replaces what was the most advanced user friendly, graphics-based grading and distribution software on the market. With seamless integration to Foodmate Flex Cut-up Systems, ChickSort 4.0 allowed processors achieve a high level of control and information without having to buy a complete new packing room.


ChickSort 4.0

Even more intuitive and user friendly

Building on the experience gained implementing ChickSort 3.0 solutions worldwide, Foodmate have developed ChickSort 4.0. With a re-imagined user interface ChickSort 4.0 is even more intuitive and user friendly. ChickSort 4.0 has been designed to seamlessly control Flex Cut-up and FM Compact Belt Sizers. ChickSort 4.0 can connect to the FM DataPortal and FM Data Dashboard giving complete visibility of the entire Cut-up and Deboning process. ChickSort 3.0 was the market leader, ChickSort 4.0 is the new standard in Production Control, Grading and Distribution Solutions.


ChickSort 4.0 Dashboard

Foodmate production control, grading and distribution systems make sure industrial processes are carried out efficiently, consistently and with as little variation as possible. They help maintain throughput, quality, yield and efficiency. Production control, grading and distribution systems measure, monitor and control manufacturing processes and activities. They identify and help users to correct any abnormalities or variations from specified values, either manually or automatically. The aim is to make sure that production is consistent and that as little product is wasted as possible. 

ChickSort 4.0 has been designed to encompass the goals of Process Control and supports all Foodmate Cut-up equipment. With a new intuitive and simplified graphics-based user interface ChickSort 4.0 is ideal for controlling complex whole bird distribution and cut-up requirements. 

The advanced dashboard indicates at a glance:

Grading Solutions

InVision Camera Grading

InVision Camera Grading System has been developed to take advantage of the latest camera technology and LED lighting. Utilizing multiple cameras, fronts and backs can be graded accurately based on the user’s definable parameters, which can be tuned to suit different flock profiles. The data collected is added to the bird weight captured at an in-line or transfer weigh station, and the birds are correctly distributed according to production requirements.

InVision Detection Parameters

Foodmate TraySort Packing System


Efficient final product tray wrapping

TraySort was developed by Foodmate and Intralox to facilitate and improve our customers’ final distribution goals in packaged chicken and meat products. The newly developed TraySort grading, packing and distribution system aims to improve labor management, reduce packaging waste and increase throughput. 

Grading, Production Control and Distribution

TraySort Tray Wrap

TraySort was developed to facilitate and improve our customers final distribution goals. The newly developed TraySort tray wrap aims to improve labor management, reduce packaging waste, and increase throughput.

Key Benefits
Excluding correctable failures
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Vision system performance
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Grading, Production Control and Distribution

Every part of every bird is accounted for.


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