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Foodmate White Meat Deboning Systems

Small footprint. Big results.

Foodmate introduces a new generation of poultry deboning equipment, bringing a combination of durable mechanics and cutting-edge technology in automation ensuring the highest possible yields.

White Meat Deboning Systems

MAX 2.0

Breast Caps & Front Halves Deboner (6000 BPH)

The MAX 2.0 is a revolutionary concept in breast deboning. It is the first breast caps or front halves deboner that allows for highly efficient breast deboning with the advantage of the smallest footprint available in the market.

White Meat Deboning Systems


Breast Cap Deboner (3000 BPH)

The Maxima Breast Cap Deboner is designed to automatically skin the breast cap, remove the wishbone and debone the breast cap with minimal bone content and high yields. The Maxima has a small footprint and can produce up to 3.000 breast caps per hour with minimal loading, inspection and trimming staff.

White Meat Deboning Systems

FM 7.50

Breast Cap Deboner (3000 BPH)

The FM 7.50 Breast Cap Deboning Machine debones up to 3000 breast caps per hour. The machine produces single, as well as butterfly fillets and features an automatic skinning and blister remover device.

White Meat Deboning Systems

Semi Automatic Breast Cap Deboner

1400 - 2400 BPH

The Foodmate Semi Automatic Breast Cap Deboner is utilized as a skinner unit, blister remover and precut device for whole fillets (butterfly) or half fillets. The Deboner is suitable for breasts without backbone, with or without skin.


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