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MAX 2.0 Breast Caps & Front Halves Deboner

Breast Deboning to the MAX

The MAX 2.0 has been completely redesigned. The stronger and more reliable MAX comes with higher performance, safety and hygiene benefits, while still offering exceptional flexibility in final product. Product options are butterfly fillets, half fillets and tenders in/out.

Foodmate White Meat Deboning Systems

MAX 2.0: Breast Deboning at the Highest Level!

Deboning breast meat is a very labor intensive process. It required a lot of skilled labor which is becoming difficult to find, train and retain. Further, current automated debone solutions require a large footprint, are expensive to maintain and significant staffing due to rework.

The MAX 2.0 can operate at a speed of 6.000 breast caps or front halves per hour and only requires a 12 x 2,5 m footprint. In addition, the MAX 2.0 has a user friendly and intuitive operating touch-screen panel with pre-programmed product selection. This allows the operator to easily select a particular product from the menu screen. 

The MAX 2.0 comes with features such as: 
· Standard one conveyor over the full length of the machine, under the modules
· Drip Trays over the full length of the conveyor
· Optional perpendicular conveyors for specific product discharge
· Improved Clean In Place (CIP), various nozzles throughout the machine to reduce sanitation time
· Newly designed cones offer more reliable turning points

MAX 2.0 Breast Caps & Front Halves Deboner

Flexible product selection

Butterfly fillets, half fillets, and tenders/inner fillets

The system uniquely allows the user to operate two different programs, such as fillets or butterflies which can be pre-programmed, allowing you to control production on the fly and save valuable set up time. The MAX 2.0 offers exceptional flexibility with final product options such as butterfly fillets, half fillets and tenders/inner fillets.

Foodmate Max 2.0 Deboner

Are you ready for MAX 2.0?

All final products display high quality cuts, exceptional yields and presents well for tray packing and many food service applications.
Enhanced features such as a standard conveyor over the machine’s full length, and drip trays over the conveyors, add to the machine’s performance. Improved hygiene, such as advanced CIP (Clean in Place), reduces sanitation time.

Initial Product
Final Product Options
Front Half
Breast Cap
Integrated Skinner
Integrated Wishbone Removal
Integrated Keelbone Harvester
Butterfly Fillet w/ Tenders
Butterfly Fillet w/o Tenders
Half Fillet
Tender/Inner Fillet


Integrated Features


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